WebHostingExhibit 12-Best-Schema-Markup-Plugins-for-WordPress 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used site builders on the planet. If you’re looking to enhance the performance, visibility, and overall user experience of your WordPress site, schema markup is the secret ingredient you need. Search engines can display rich snippets in search results thanks to structured data provided by schema markup. The top schema markup plugins for WordPress will be revealed in this article, enabling you to use this effective method with ease. Prepare yourself to use these remarkable plugins to improve your website’s SEO, increase click-through rates, and stand out from the crowd.

What are Schema Markup and Rich Snippets?

So what is Schema markup? Basically, it’s a structured data vocabulary that can be added to the HTML code of a webpage. It’s designed to help search engines like Google better understand the exact contents of a page from your website. Having this additional information, it can dramatically improve your web search results.

What are rich snippets? Well, rich snippets are also a form of additional information that’s displayed on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). They are great at grabbing people’s attention in search results and increasing your site’s click-through rates. An example of rich snippets include ratings, reviews, prices, images, and event details. 

When it comes to the differences between the two, Schema markup is a type of coding that supports embedded qualities that appear on the Google SERP, whereas rich snippets are a primary example of an embedded feature. A rich snippet can use a schema markup but isn’t necessarily the same as one.

Schema Markup and Search Engine Visibility

Schema markup can have a huge impact on improving your website’s performance, along with your WordPress SEO. When you integrate schema markup into your website, search engines like Google can improve the accuracy and visibility of search results. They can better formulate the content and context of your web pages while also displaying rich snippets in the SERP. 

Schema markup is crucial in helping search engines more easily index and crawl the content of your website. This leads to it ranking higher on the SERP and an increase in website traffic.

Schema Pro

The Schema Pro WordPress plugin is a great choice for integrating schema markup into your website. You can implement accurate schema markup without touching a line of code, which is a major benefit if you are inexperienced with coding. You have 20+ options within Schema Pro when it comes to choosing the right schema. It also has great automation. You can configure schema markup once and implement it anywhere on your website in no time.


Plans start at $67 annually or $237 for a lifetime plan, with a free version available called Schema All in One.


Unlimited Website Usage
Display Rules Freedom
Advanced Schema Types
Article Guidelines
100% ACF compatible
Live Schema Testing
Product Updates
Premium Support
Risk-Free Guarantee
Additional premium theme, templates, and plugins included in Growth plans


WebHostingExhibit aioseo-free-pluing 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

Beyond it offering a schema markup, AIOSEO is just a great SEO plugin in general. It’s used by 3,000,000+ users all over the world. The plugin’s smart schema markup feature means that the correct snippets are created for your content. Not only do you get great features for Rich Snippets (schema), you also get an SEO Optimizer, Smart Sitemaps, and Advanced SEO Modules. There are four pricing plans which we will break down below.


AISEO offers a free version of their plugin as well as premium plans starting at $49.60/ year.


Unlimited Keywords 
Advanced SEO Modules 
WooCommerce SEO 
Powerful Sitemaps 
Social Media Integration 
TruSEO Analysis 
Headline Analyzer 
ChatGPT AI Tools 
Smart Schema Markup 
Custom Breadcrumbs 
Microsoft Clarity 
User Access Control 
IndexNow Integration 
Standard Support

WP Review Pro

WebHostingExhibit wp-review-plugin-mythemeshop 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

If you need a rich snippet plugin for your site that specifically specializes in creating review-rich snippets, then WP Review Pro is a great choice. A WordPress plugin that supports 19 types of rich snippets, 16 predefined designs, and multiple rating systems, e.g., Star, Point, Percentage, Circle, Thumbs, etc.


In addition to the free version, there is a premium upgrade priced at $67/yr (or you can purchase the plugin as a part of the MyThemeShop bundle for $199/yr).


 Minimal Design
 Supports 19 Schema Types
 Stars Review Type
 Percentage Review Type
 Point Review Type
 Supports Google Rich Snippets
 Many Color Options
 Translation Ready
 Works with Caching Plugins
 Developer Friendly
Premium one-click updates and imports
Premium review types/styles
Premium integration for Google, Facebook, and Yelp

Rank Math

WebHostingExhibit rank-math-seo-plugin 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

Similarly to AIOSEO, not only does Rank Math offer a lot of great options when it comes to schema markups, but it also offers a lot of great WordPress SEO features. It supports 20+ schema types which include things like FAQ & How To. There are three sales plans which we will break down below.


Rank Math PRO costs $59 per year (ex VAT), though there is a free version on WordPress.org


Unlimited personal websites
15+ Content AI Credits
Track 500+ Keywords
Powerful Schema Generator
24/7 Support
Renews at $59 + taxes


WebHostingExhibit wpsso-core-plugin 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

WPSSO core is a WordPress plugin designed to structure your website’s data. It supports over 500 different Schema types and sub-types. It is able to fix all Google Rich Results, Google Merchant, and Schema Markup Validator errors. The plugin is entirely free and available on the WordPress plugin page. It’s a feature-rich plugin that offers a lot of great options for SEO as well.


WPSSO offers a free plugin on WordPress, as well as a premium version with single site licenses starting at $59 (one-time fee).


Ability to automatically generate meta tags and structured data markup for both new and existing site content.
Extensive schema markup support
Information on search engines, social media, and email platforms
Support for WordPress multisite
Customizable default values
Quality assurance

Structured Content

WebHostingExhibit structured-content-json-wpsc-plugin 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

This a great plugin that allows you to insert structured data elements multiple times in any post or page. Rich snippets like FAQs, for example, can easily be inserted on any page. It also makes your website more easily recognizable for search engine bots. The plugin is entirely free and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin site.


The Structured Content plugin is completely free.


Flexible content boxes
Gutenberg ready
Source code control
Validation tool
Featured snippets
Multiple usages

WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WebHostingExhibit wp-seo-structured-data-schema 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

This is a great plugin that adds schema for organizations, local businesses, articles, blogs, postings, events, products, videos, services, and ratings. It offers rich snippets in the form of star ratings, events and event times, embedded site search boxes, videos, and breadcrumbs. It has three pricing plans which we will break down below.


In addition to the free version, you can upgrade to premium starting at $49 / Yearly for a personal plan (or a higher plan for support for more domains).


1 Site or Domain
1 Year Support
1 Year Updates
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

WebHostingExhibit schema-and-structured-data-for-wp 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

This plugin offers over 35 schema types like blog posting, news articles, local businesses, web pages, articles, recipes, products, and video objects. You can display your business’s Google reviews and schema markup on your website. It offers five license plans which we will break down below. All the license plans include reviews schema, unlimited schema, knowledge graph, Extra Theme by ElegantThemes Compatibility, Yoast SEO Plugin Compatibility, and much more.


The premium version starts at $99 for a single site license, with higher level license bundles as well as a free version also available.


Pro features 
1 Site License
Continuous Updates 
50 Reviews 
Dedicated Tech Support

Schema App Structured Data

WebHostingExhibit schema-app-structured-data-for-schemaorg 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

The Schema App WordPress plugin uses data from your WordPress website to automatically generate schema.org markup for all of your pages, posts, authors, and category content. When you activate the plugin, add your logo and company name, and then optimize your content so that search engines can fully understand it, you’ll see an increase in traffic, click-through rates, and other metrics.  It can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin page for free.


The Schema App Structured Data plugin is free, though the developers do offer bespoke solutions via their website (you will have to contact them for an individual quote).


Automatic schema markup generation
Sitelinks search box
Your site name in the results

WP Rich Snippets

WebHostingExhibit wprichsnippets 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

WP Rich Snippets is an easy-to-set-up plugin that lets you add both semantic and structural markups for your website. It has support for schema.org markup types. There are also rich snippet features like editor or user reviews, with different ways to rate, like rating, percentage, votes, and aggregate user rating. It offers four price plans which we will break down below. 


WP Rich Snippets starts at $69 per year for 1 license with higher tier plans for more licenses and add-ons. 


1 Site license
1 Year of Support
1 Year of Updates
Extensive documentation
Translation ready
Extension add-ons
Editor/user reviews

Ultimate Blocks

WebHostingExhibit ultimate-blocks-free-plugins 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

Ultimate Block is a great plugin for blog creation. It allows you to create attractive schema-enabled review boxes that will help you rank your content on Google easily using the Review block. You can use a star and percentage rating system, choose the schema type and

Customize your CTA button. It is free and can be downloaded from their website and the WordPress plugin download page.


Ultimate Blocks is a free plugin.


Table of Contents
Review (Schema)
Button (Improved)
Content Toggle
Tabbed Content
Content Filter
Styled List

Five Star Business Profile and Schema

WebHostingExhibit five-star-business-profile-schema-plugin 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

Add structured data using schema to any page or post type on your website. Every organization type schema and every rich results type are included in the database that comes with the plugin. With the help of this, you can quickly create a new schema element and assign a particular structured data type to a page, a single post, an entire post type, or your entire site. It offers license plans.


There is a free version as well as premium licenses starting at $39 for the Five Star Business Profile and Schema plugin.


Hundreds of included schema
Schema defaults
WooCommerce Integration
Automatics Post Schema

Review & Schema – features, benefits & pricing

Review & Schema

WebHostingExhibit all-in-one-review-schema 12+ Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

This WordPress plugin for review schema creates auto-generated schema markup for pages, posts, custom post types, and WooCommerce. The schema data can also be manually edited. For all pages and post types, this WordPress review plugin offers a single or multi-criteria base review and rating. It offers three pricing plans which we cover below.


Review & Schema is available as a free plugin but offers a pro plan starting at $29 / Yearly for a single site.


1 Site or Domain (upgrade for additional sites)
1 Year Support
1 Year Updates
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
20% Discount on Renewal

How to Check if Structure Data and Rich Snippets Work?

There are a few techniques you can employ to determine whether structured data and rich snippets are functioning on your WordPress site. First, you can use the Rich Results Testing Tool or the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to verify your structured data. These tools will examine your website and give you website feedback on any markup mistakes they find. 

Additionally, you can manually look up using search engines for the targeted keywords for your website to see if rich snippets are displayed in the search results. This will enable you to check whether the markup is being correctly recognized and displayed.

In conclusion, implementing schema markup on your WordPress site can significantly enhance its performance and visibility. The top schema markup plugins listed in this article come with a variety of features and advantages, including better search engine rankings, more organic traffic, eye-catching rich snippets, and user-friendly interfaces. 

You can advance your WordPress site and optimize it for greater search engine visibility, higher click-through rates, and an engaging user experience by utilizing these plugins. With schema markup plugins, you can enhance the visibility of your website and maximize its potential.

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