WebHostingExhibit Key-Difference-and-Which-Is-Best-For-you Key Difference and Which Is Best For you?

Key Difference and Which Is Best For you?

WebHostingExhibit  Key Difference and Which Is Best For you?

Are you looking to find out which is the most suitable option between WordPress VS Weebly for your site? Are you looking to find the best option for your website? The hunt ends because, in this guide, we’ll examine them in comparison to each other.


WordPress is a popular platform for launching a new website. It’s one of the most popular platforms since it gives you complete control, customization, freedom, and a variety of options. This is why the majority of webmasters choose WordPress to build their websites.

However, as we all know, WordPress isn’t the only platform or solution for your website. There are many options available to you like Squarespace, Weebly, etc. To get the answer, read WordPress and Squarespace complete Comparison Guide. In this guide, we’ll examine only the two websites, i.e., WordPress vs. Weebly.


Weebly is among the most effective alternatives to WordPress for creating your own blog. Weebly is a breeze to set up and use for your promotions. With Weebly, creating a drag-and-drop site with a very short duration is possible. There is no need to be a programmer or coder. You can create your own Weebly website with no hassle.

It was the basic introduction of both platforms. However, before you decide on the best platform for your website, you must know all you can about the two platforms. We will then compare their performance on several essential aspects. Let’s get started!

WordPress VS Weebly Full Comparison List

Learn and work

WordPress is simple to use, but you’ll need to be aware of the software to be able to use it effectively.

You can build an uncomplicated website within 15 minutes without any programming knowledge. However, if you’d like to modify your website or theme to suit your needs, you will be able to modify and alter codes to make it exactly your site as you like. In WordPress, the design of your content layout will depend on the theme or template. It is possible to alter it further, in case you learn coding and programming. After extensive modification, WordPress offers you more than Weebly.

WordPress is a very user-friendly platform that offers a user-friendly administrator panel.

Weebly is the best option for building your site. It allows you to create your own drag-and-drop site quickly and without programming. You can utilize Weebly without any programming experience or knowledge. It’s the ideal option for beginners. Weebly gives you a range of tools to help you create your website. It also has an easy-to-use admin panel.


Weebly allows you to create a drag and drop website within minutes with no technical know-how.

In WordPress, to personalize your site or theme, you will need to have programming skills or find someone to help you. However, after you have customized it, you’ll have an advanced website than Weebly.

Design and features


Weebly has a small selection of themes that you can select to build your own drag and drop site. Additionally, it comes with tools to improve the functionality of your website. It allows you to add forms, images, and e-store functions easily to your website. For these tools, there is no requirement to install additional tools. It is possible to install, add and utilize them without utilizing any other tools. If you’d like to include an option on your website that is not offered or provided through Weebly, you’re in trouble because the developer from outside cannot add the feature for you on the Weebly website. Weebly is not able to accept third-party applications.

WordPress features

In WordPress, there are thousands of options to design your website. There are hundreds of paid/free themes you can choose from for your website. You can design any style your site can think of.

In WordPress, you can include any function or feature to your website through the installation of a plugin to create a feature within WordPress. You must install a plugin for the desired feature. There are a lot of options for plugins. However, if you are unable to find any plugins that you would like to include a feature on your website, you could engage a developer to bring the feature to your site. You could also develop custom plugins.


Weebly has a few choices of themes and tools to build your website, and you aren’t able to add anything that is from a third party. However, WordPress gives you 100% control and flexibility to choose your own themes and plugins and provides hundreds of themes and plugins to your website.


Weebly isn’t an open-source platform for building your website. This is why you cannot modify or add new features using Weebly tools. However, you are able to edit HTML and CSS for your website. In this way, Weebly gives you the freedom to design your site the way you like.

However, you aren’t able to add third-party features or tools to your website, and you aren’t able to alter or modify the built-in tools provided by Weebly.

WordPress is an open-source platform for starting an online presence. You can also make compulsory and desired modifications to your website and the tools that you can control or access to WordPress in order to improve your site more effectively.

As we have mentioned, WordPress gives you a variety of options for your website, from themes to plugins, and you can also choose to create your own tools and products for your personal use or even sell them to the public.


Weebly provides inbuilt tools that you can utilize only the tools. You are not allowed to include external tools or features on your site. It is not permitted by Weebly.

But with WordPress, you have complete control and the ability to make your website more professional and attractive. You can pick themes and plugins based on the requirements or design them to conform to the specifications. Anyone can create themes and plugins for private use or for public use. There are possibilities of differences regarding the high-quality of the products. However, WordPress is a completely adaptable platform for creating your website. WordPress is ahead of Weebly in the Weebly against WordPress Flexibility Comparison.


You can create an online store with Weebly. However, you’ll be less in control of your online store. It isn’t possible to customize your store completely. Weebly also charges 3% per transaction. It means that you are paying double transaction charges (to Weebly and the payment channels). To eliminate this extra fee of 3, you’ll need to move to the enterprise plan offered by Weebly ($25/month). Both ways, you’ll have to pay additional fees to Weebly.

In WordPress, it is possible to create E-commerce stores with all the capabilities that you would like. It is possible to find an eCommerce theme or create your own for your website. After that, you can incorporate E-commerce-related plugins to add additional options to your site. You can customize your store. You can add unlimited items to your shopping cart or store. There is no fee for transactions on WordPress. All of your transactions are yours. 


Weebly provides limited options and customizations to create an online-commerce store. It is necessary to upgrade your plan with Weebly or pay 3% on each transaction. It will be more costly for both parties.

However, WordPress provides you with 100% flexibility and customization options to create an online store. WordPress gives you more for less. This means that WordPress is the best choice to begin an e-commerce store. WordPress outdoes Weebly in Weebly against WordPress comparison of E-commerce.

Data Portability

It is possible to download the Weebly website as a zip file. It’s only HTML pages and images of your website. Your blog can’t be exported from Weebly. Simply put, the export, as well as portability for your site from Weebly, is a difficult task. You aren’t able to export your entire website to Weebly.

However, WordPress gives you the complete freedom to export and import your website’s information completely. You can export each and every element of your website using WordPress. The export options include articles, video themes, plugins, pages, images, themes backups, and the entire database of the WordPress website.


Weebly provides you with Limited control and freedom to export your site’s information from Weebly.

However, WordPress gives you the complete liberty to export and import your site’s information. WordPress includes tools inbuilt to aid you in exporting your website’s data to WordPress.


Weebly provides support to its customers via email, chat, and telephone support, during working hours. There is also information in the library of Weebly about their tools and help guides. Weebly offers answers to each one of the questions you have asked them. Whatever question you have asked, whether it’s original or a question you have already asked.

WordPress provides support for community forums and support to users. On the form for community support, there are hundreds of experts and professionals to assist you. But there are many questions that have no answer or solution. The answer to your question is not certain. However, you can find hundreds of WordPress tutorials, solutions, or guides on YouTube as well as on the Internet. WordPress is widely utilized, and that’s why there are a lot of videos on WordPress tutorials and guides available on YouTube, along with thousands of other articles available on the Internet. You can also engage a WordPress developer to assist you or solve the issues you face in using WordPress. However, he’ll charge.


Weebly provides support through different methods.

However, WordPress provides support for community forums only; other times, you’ll need to find a developer or seek solutions through other unofficial websites.


Weebly is the creator of all tools, and they are also controlled by Weebly. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about the maintenance of your website. Weebly handles your website’s technical problems, security issues, and more. You just have to concentrate on your content. This is one of the major advantages of Weebly since you’ll have more time to organize your website and its content.

However, in WordPress, everything is dependent on you. Security, backups, maintenance, etc., is your obligation. In WordPress, developers update plugins and themes regularly to improve them or to add new features. 

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to keep them updated. It will take a bit longer. WordPress provides complete control and autonomy to Webmasters, and everything is controlled by webmasters.


In Weebly, they manage your website. You are free to perform other things with your site. However, in WordPress maintenance, it’s your obligation.


Weebly offers five options for creating a website using Weebly. The initial plan is free, but with this plan, you get a weebly.com subdomain and 500 MB storage, which isn’t ideal for a commercial site or blog. Other plans start at $8 per month and go up and up to $49.50 per month (when you pay annually).

Weebly gets a 3 percent transaction fee for every transaction in the plan and starter plans. You’ll need to upgrade to the performance or business plan, which comes with higher costs to get rid of. With Weebly, it is possible that the price of your website could range between $96 to $588 each year, which is very costly (paid each year).

However, for you to begin using WordPress, you will purchase the domain name and host your website. Hosting can be purchased from any hosting provider to host your site. You can purchase a shared hosting service that is less expensive. Make sure you purchase hosting from a reliable and reliable hosting provider. The prime suggestion for hosting is AccuWeb Hosting. Hosting is available for purchase in the range of $3-4 per month. You can also purchase domains for an approximate amount of $8 per year. That means you can begin with a WordPress website for $50 per year, which is a lot cheaper than Weebly. If you decide to purchase themes for your site, typically, it will cost once, or you could make use of free themes and plugins to build your website. It is dependent on your needs and budget.


Weebly has a no-cost plan. However, it’s not appropriate for websites or blogs and plans that are similar to 2x more costly than WordPress.

WordPress provides you with 100% flexibility, control, and personalization for less than Weebly. However, the cost of a WordPress website is dependent on your requirements of yours. After you have customized your WordPress website, you’ll receive a more sophisticated site than Weebly. WordPress outdoes Weebly in Weebly against WordPress cost comparison.

Conclusion of WordPress VS Weebly

We can’t define good or bad here. Everything is dependent on the conditions and the requirements. Weebly provides amazing features and services and is extremely responsive. But it’s not as competitive as WordPress because it’s an open-source platform that gives you complete control. 

So we believe that if you’re looking to launch an online presence as a professional blogger, then you use WordPress. Because it is an open-source platform, WordPress is completely free of the need to compromise on every step. On the other hand, if you’re looking to simply start and begin blogging for a passion, you can begin using Weebly.

However, we would recommend WordPress rather than Weebly, as it allows you to build your website the way you like. There is nothing better than WordPress.

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