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Sprout Invoices Features for Billing in WordPress

A common problem when using WordPress for eCommerce or for a more traditional business model is the issue of how to create and track your billing documents. Using Sprout Invoices for billing is a great solution that can help you throughout all phases of the billing process.

The main advantage of using Sprout Invoices for billing is its ability to create and track estimates, invoices, notifications, payments, and recurring payments. It can also be expanded using many built-in options and third-party extensions. This article will focus on giving you a summary of these features.

Creating Estimates for Products or Services

Estimates allow you to provide an initial document for a product or service to your potential client. Sprout Invoices lets you make beautifully formatted estimates that you can track. The customization options allow you to create estimates that you can design specifically for your customers. You can see an example of an estimate in the screenshot below.

WebHostingExhibit example-estimate Sprout Invoices Features for Billing in WordPress

You can track to see the status of the estimate, your price/cost for the estimate, the name of the client, and if the estimate was sent. Estimates that are approved will also automatically generate an invoice for payment.

Generating Invoices for Billing

Creating invoices for billing your clients is the primary focus of the Sprout Invoices plugin for WordPress. You can quickly create invoices for your customers using a default template or even work to customize invoices for a specific customer.

WebHostingExhibit customize-invoices Sprout Invoices Features for Billing in WordPress

Invoices can be tracked and have many features that allow you to keep accurate and timely records required for your business. You can associate invoices with projects and customers, add specific terms and notes, track changes in the history of the invoice, and create notifications to notify your clients.

Sprout Invoices help to make your business stand out by giving your customers that extra touch of recognition with multiple features and customization options.

Notification Options in Sprout Invoices

Sprout Invoices also includes a notification feature that works mainly through email. But it can also be expanded using built-in addons like Twilio SMS. Notifications are available in all parts of the billing process, from estimates to invoices and recurring payments. Your customers will be made aware of the status of their billing when using Sprout Invoices.

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Payment Scheduling Through Sprout Invoices

Using Sprout Invoices for billing also takes the guesswork out of managing payment schedules for your invoices. Just a few of the built-in options include scheduling payment terms, tracking deposits, and making manual payments as an administrator in the application. You can easily track invoices by seeing an ordered table that can be filtered to show specific invoice statuses. Managing your payment scheduling is easy when you’re using Sprout Invoices.

WebHostingExhibit payment-terms-1024x559 Sprout Invoices Features for Billing in WordPress

Automatic Recurring Payments for Subscriptions or Products

WebHostingExhibit recurring-invoice-creation-1024x344 Sprout Invoices Features for Billing in WordPress

Sprout Invoices also includes the option to create recurring invoices. Each time a payment is due on a recurring invoice, the invoice will be cloned and added to your database. The customer will also be notified of the payment. You can also generate manual invoices for recurring invoices when it’s needed.

Support of Payment Methods

Sprout also includes support for a wide variety of payment processors. There is support for Paypal, Zelle, Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, and NMI to name a few. There is also support for accepting cash or checks for locations or events where these methods of payment are accepted and must be tracked.

WebHostingExhibit payment-processors-1024x693 Sprout Invoices Features for Billing in WordPress

Application Integrations and Add-ons

What really makes Sprout Invoices powerful are its add-ons. You can easily expand the reach of the application with its built-in add-ons, third-party add-ons, or bundled add-ons. Additionally, using Zapier, you can integrate over 5000 applications including calendars, Google Sheets, Slack, Hotjar, and SEMrush.

If you’re willing and able to add more applications to leverage your Sprout Invoice data you will find that your WordPress plugin is something far more than just a simple invoice solution.

WebHostingExhibit zapier-support Sprout Invoices Features for Billing in WordPress

Tracking your billing with Sprout Invoices is a powerful tool that you can add to your WordPress site. It’s a tool with many features that are focused on making the task of creating invoices for billing much easier. It also adds flexibility with many customization options for the documents that you would send to your customers.

It is sold in 4 different ways: Basic, Plus, Pro, and Agency. If you’re looking for an application to help organize your billing work, definitely try out Sprout Invoices. To learn more about the WordPress plugin, check out the InMotion Hosting Support Center Product Guide for Sprout.

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